About Carrie


My name is Carrie Durkee Immler and I am an acupuncturist bringing wellness to the Owings Mills and Reisterstown areas. I received my master’s degree in acupuncture from the Tai Sophia institute in Laurel, Maryland. Before coming to Tai Sophia I attended Towson University where I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology.

Carrie Durkee Immler Acupuncture Owings Mills MD
Carrie Durkee Immler

From a young age I knew that I wanted to work to help people.  I’ve always felt there had to be a connection between our mind, body, and spirit; I just did not have the right language to express my thoughts. Upon graduating Towson University I stumbled upon Tai Sophia.  After discovering their curriculum and philosophies I enrolled immediately.  Over the next 4 years I was given the opportunity to explore the connection.  I learned that acupuncture was not just about putting needles in people, but about listening and asking the right questions enabling them to understand their symptoms and what their bodies are trying to tell them.

My Mission…
I am committed to helping my patients live a life full of possibilities, a life where symptoms are no longer considered a problem but viewed as a teacher and guide to living fully.